Cat lovers everywhere, this amazing idea is for you! If your cat lives a more reclusive life indoors or if winter is not allowing them to have fun outdoors, then making an indoor grass lounge is a great idea. It super easy and budget-friendly, and it will instantly improve your cat’s life, mood, and health!

Check out below how to make an indoor grass lounge and your feline friend will thank you for it!

Time spent with cats is never wasted. -Sigmund Freud

Why an Indoor Grass Lounge?

Leave the tray on a window so cats can sunbathe!
Leave the tray on a window so cats can sunbathe! Source: Momma Told Me

Keeping your cats indoors is always safer, but they also need to have that nature connection to keep their health in check. Here are some of the reasons why an indoor grass lounge is a great idea for cats:

  • It is relaxing
  • It will reduce their stress
  • Will improve their overall mood, making them more playful
  • It’s perfect for winter or for those who live in apartments
  • Cats like to chomp on leafy greens, and offering safe grass for them to nibble on will prevent them to chew on toxic houseplants
  • It’s always nice to have a lawn they can sleep on
  • They love to play in it and pretend they’re still wild and outdoors
  • Cats love grass!


This project is super budget friendly!
This project is super budget friendly! Source: Pinosy

Let’s first talk about what grass to plant.

  • Rye grass is durable, and will bounce back after the cat wanders off. It’s a “thinner grass, and the texture makes it more inviting to sleep on.
  • Oat grass is the most common choice, since it’s great for sleeping and for chomping on. (if you choose this one, look for “feed oats rather than genuine “seed oats, it’s easier to find and much cheaper)
  • Barley grass grows fast and high, and it’s great for a heavy duty chomper.

Now, here is the humble list of materials to make your indoor grass lounge:

  • A container. Basically, any plastic or metal container will do, as long as it’s big enough for them to sleep in. It can be a litter tray, an old and big baking sheet, a cement mixing pan, etc.
  • Potting soil.
  • The seeds you prefer.

How to Make It

Your cat will love the new lounge!
Your cat will love the new lounge! Source: Grows on You

First Step: Fill the container with soil just about 2 inches from the top then scatter some seeds on top. Put a thin layer of soil over it to about 1/4 inch.

Second Step: Add water to make the soil moist, but do so gently so as to not disperse the seeds. Use a sprayer or your hands. Once the soil is evenly moist, cover the container with plastic wrap and make some perforations for air flow.

Third step: Set the container aside in a cool and dark place for the seeds to germinate. After a few days you’ll see tiny sprouts emerging, then remove the plastic wrap carefully and ensure the soil is moist.

Fourth step: Put the container in the desired spot, preferably where it can receive some sun and indirect light, like a windowsill. When the grass grows above 4 inches high, reduce it to this height.

That’s it! Isn’t it simple?!


The lounge will make them more relaxed!
The lounge will make them more relaxed! Source: Momma Told Me

Growing an indoor cat lounge is a great job aimed at making your cat happy and healthy. Here are a few more tips to help you with that!

  • Be careful to not overwater!
  • Keep it in a naturally well-lit place to make it grow well with regular watering.
  • Don’t let the grass grow higher than 6 inches, otherwise your cat may pick up all the plants and wreak havoc, destroying the grass.
  • If you’re new to growing indoor plants, make sure to place it somewhere you’ll lay eyes on it everyday to get in the habit of watering it regularly.
  • If you’re going out of town, make sure you remind your cat sitter to water the grass!

Making it Last

Place the container in a well-lit place!
Place the container in a well-lit place! Source: Weird Stuff We Make

How long the grass lasts will depend on where it is located in your house, as well as the general climate of your home.

After a few weeks or months, the grass will start to turn brown and get too ugly, so it’s time to start a fresh container. Since the seeds and soil are very cheap and the container can be reused almost indefinitely, the investment is very cheap if you decide to make it a permanent addition to your home.

It’s also good to try out different seeds and see what your cats prefer most.

For An Instant Treat

You can also buy a fresh section of grass for a quick treat!
You can also buy a fresh section of grass for a quick treat! Source: Momma Told Me

If you don’t have the time or patience to plant grass and just want to give a treat to your cat, then you can also check out this idea by Momma Told Me. Here, a section of fresh sod (grass) bought at a home improvement store is put into a big container, which will last for about a week and it’s a great idea to pamper your cat with once in a while.

The Results

Your cat will certainly love it!
Your cat will certainly love it! Source: Imgur

Whether you go for the planted grass lounge or for the instant treat option, you’ll watch your cat get more relaxed, playful and it will make them feel like they’ve checked into a spa. After hours of recharging in the afternoon sun, your cat will return like a whole new feline, purring and begging for attention with cuddles and nudges.

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